Weekend Recap & MRI Results

Hey guys! It's been so busy the last few days, I'm finally just getting around to posting pics from Matt's birthday weekend!

We went out for PIZZA for his birthday, of course! We went to his favorite place in Louisville-Old School N.Y. Pizza.
Now that's a pizza!
He enjoyed every bite and then got right back on the keto diet the next day. For his actual birthday Sunday I made him some Keto pumpkin protein muffins, which he really liked.

So last week Matt met with his doctor to discuss his most recent MRI results. I wasn't able to go with him to the appointment, but Matt told me that the first thing the doctor said about the MRI was that it was "confusing". Some spots showed progression and some showed regression...which basically means they don't really know if the chemo is working or not.

So he told him to finish up this cycle of chemo, and then he'll two weeks off and then do another 6 week cycle. At that point, if there is further progression in the next MRI, we'll know that the chemo isn't doing the job and will have to look into different treatment option. That could be doing another form of chemo called Avastin, or participating in a trial, or possibly doing radiation. His next MRI is in January.

He just finished his last dose of chemo for this cycle on Monday, so now he gets two weeks to be chemo free! He's been just super tired all the time lately, so hopefully being off the chemo for a couple of weeks will help some. He's still doing the Optune, but he did develop a bad rash from it on his head recently and hasn't been able to wear it so that his head can heal. Hopefully we can get this taken care of and continue on with the treatment. What we've been told with Optune is that it takes about 4 months for it to show if it's working or not, and it's only been about 2 months right now.

He has been back in the gym the past couple of weeks. Not lifting heavy or anything, but just doing what he can. His main struggle right now is with balance and stability issues from the Parkinsonism and then just getting fatigued so quickly. But I'm proud of him for doing what he can! It would be really easy to just lay around and do nothing, but that wouldn't be good for him. I'm sure it's frustrating for him to not be able to train or move his body like he used to...but I just see it as bump in the road that he'll overcome just like he did last time!


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