Strength & Hypertrophy Weeks 4-6

Happy Sunday! 

As promised, here are my workouts from the last 3 weeks of my strength and hypertrophy program. I tried to up the weights on all the main lifts from the previous 3 weeks. There were some weeks I didn't get all the reps, but that's okay with me! I'll be taking a week off from all the heavy lifts next week and then start a new routine the following week. This was a fun program!

Week 4
I didn't remember to write down what I did for this workout, so I totally forgot some things...but I THINK this is what I did. My memory is so bad! I think it's time to buy a new training notebook lol.

1)Overhead press: (60%)55x3x5/1x13
2)Some kind of row variation...but I can't remember!
3a)Pushups: 4x10-12
3b)Inverted row: 4x12
4a)Hip thrust on leg extensions machine: 3x15
4b)Standing band abductions: 3x12-15/leg
5a)Split stance RDLs: 3x12/leg
5b)Lateral raises: 15x3x10-12
6a)Reverse hypers: 3x15
6b)Pull-aparts: 4x20
Off-set Farmer's walks: 70/60lbs 4 x
+ sumo band walks: 4x10 steps forward and back

1)Pause squats: (65%)155x4x5
2)Front squats: 115x3x8
3)Front foot elevated split squat: 35sx2x9/offset BSS-35x3x12
4a)Leg extensions: 3x20
4b)Seated band abductions: 3x20
5a)Back extensions: 3x15
5b)1/2 kneeling Pallof press: 3x10
Suitcase carry 45 lbs x 3 sets per arm
+ Kettlebell swings between arms: 53x4x12

1)Bench press:(70%)100x3x5/1x12
2)Dumbbell chest press: 45x4x7
3)Seated row: underhand grip 3x10
4)1 arm lat pulldown: 3x10
5a)Dumbbell rolling tricep extensions: 20x3x10
5b)Cable curls: 3x12
6)TRX face pulls to external rotations: 3x15

I can't believe I got 13 reps with 175 since my endurance is so bad!

1)Deadlifts: (65%) 175x3x5/1x13
2)Sumo dealift: 195x2x5
3)Single leg RDL: 53x10/60x2x10
4)High step up: 10x3x10 (slow and controlled-no pushing off back toe)
5)Glute ham raise: 10x3x12
5b)Pullups: 30 total reps -7/8/8/7
6)Ball pike: 3x12-15
Conditioning: Reverse sled drags 6x20 seconds

Week 5
I'm getting better at pushups, y'all! That was this week's accomplishment-doing more than 10 reps on ALL sets, woohoo!

1)Overhead press: (70%)70x3x5/1x7 (felt WEAK on these!)
2a)Chest supported row: 30x2x15/35x2x12
2b)Pushups: 13/13/12/12
3a)1 arm lat pulldown: 3x11/arm
3b)Lateral band walks: 3x12/side
4a)Cable pullthroughs: 4x15
4b)Lateral raises: 15x3x15
5a)Reverse hypers: 70x3x20
5b)Offset farmer's walks: 60/70lbs x 4 sets
Kettlebell swings 60x5x20 seconds
+ Pullaparts x20

1)Cleans 3x5
2)Squats: (80%)180x3x5/1x7(only last set with belt)

3)Front squats: 115x3x8
4)Off-set Bulgarian split squats: 50x4x10
5a)Leg extensions: 3x20
5b)Seated band abductions: 3x20
6a)Suitcase carries: 45x3 sets/arm
6b)Reverse hypers: 90x3x15
7)1/2 kNeeling Pallof press: 3x10

1)Bench press: (80%)110x5/5/5/9
2)DB chest press: 45x4x8
3)Cable row: 3x9
4)Wide neutral grip pulldown: 3x13
40 total reps of:
5a)Cable curls 11/10/10/9
5b)Tricep cable overhead extension: 13/12/11/4
5c)Face pulls: 17/16/7
6)KB bottoms up press: 20x2x10

1)Deadlifts: (75%)205x3x5/1x7 no belt
2)Sumo deadlifts: 195x2x5
3)Single leg RDL: 60x3x10
4)Single leg press: 50x3x12
4b)Pullups: 4x7
5a)Glute ham raise:10x3x12
5b)TRX fallouts: 3x12

6)Prowler sprints: 6 sets x15 seconds

Week 6
Overhead press still feeling week! I hate that lift.
1)Overhead press: 75x2x5/1x7
2a)T-bar row: 45x4x12
2b)Pushups: 13/13/12/12
3)1 arm cable row: 3x12-15
4a)Cable pullthroughs: 4x15
4b)single leg hip thrust: 3x10
5a)Reverse hypers: 3x15-20
5b)Off-set Farmer's walks: 60/70 x 30 seconds
Swings 6x12 + Pullaparts 3x20

Did not feel strong on this day! I was sore for days after, though.
1)Squat: (80%)190x4/4/5
2)Front squat: 115x8/8/6/6
3)Front foot elevated split squat: 70x10/9/ Goblet-35x2x12
4a)Leg extenstions: 3x20
4b)Seated band abductions: 3x15-20
5a)Suitcase carries: 3 sets each
5b)Back extensions: 3x20
6)Pallof press 1/2 kneeling: 3x10

1)Bench press: (82%)115x4/5/5
2)Dumbbell chest press: 45x3x8
3)Seated cable row wide neutral grip: 3x12/9/8
4)Underhand grip lat pulldown: 3x10/113/13
5a)Cable curls: 3x11
5b)Tricep rolling dumbbell extensions: 20s x3x10
6)KB bottom's up press, 1/2 kneeling: 10/8
7)Face pulls: 2x20


2)Sumo deadlifts: 195x5/6
3)High box step ups: 3x10/ skater squats 1x10
4)Single leg RDL : 60x3x11
5a)Machine seated leg curls: 3x12-15
5b)ABC plank on ball 3x
6)Lsit hold 3x10 seconds
Rower interval 30 seconds x10
+ frog pumps between sets x20


  1. Hi did you write this routine or find it online ? Looking to change things up soon and want a mix of strength and hyper. Tks!!

    1. This was actually written for me by my old powerlifting coach. It was a 3 week plan and then I modified the last 3 weeks myself.


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