Update: New Chemotherapy & Flu

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind.

Matt got his port put in a couple weeks back for a new chemotherapy he'll be starting on called Avastin, which is administered intravenously.
He was really nervous about the procedure, but I told him that if he can make it through two brain surgeries, he can make it through this!

He got his first infusion last Tuesday morning, and he'll be getting them every 2 weeks. Based on the next MRI in January, he may also be starting another chemo pill along with the Avastin called CCNU. 
Then last Thursday I flew out to Canada for a day of shooting with MuscleTech. It was a lot of fun(and hard work!), and I can't wait to see the finished product. 
I met a lot of cool people, and it was a great experience, but I hated leaving my hubby at home, even though he had his parents here with him. I just couldn't wait to get back home!

So then I get back home Friday and find out Matt is in the hospital with the flu! He had spiked a fever while I was gone, which they had told us to watch for after the infusion Tuesday. So Matt's mom called his doctor's office, and they told him to take him in. I did know that the day I left for the shoot, Matt was a lot weaker and tired than usual, so now it all makes sense. Chemo plus the flu just wiped him out!

So he was at the hospital for 5 days, and because he was so weak the first few days, the physical therapist recommended inpatient pt for him after he was released. But he got a little stronger as the days went on, so he was able to come home Monday night. We're now looking in to getting a physical therapist to come to the house and work with him. He still has a hard time with a lot of things, like getting up and down from a chair and taking his shirt on and off, and even walking is hard, but hopefully when he fully recovers from the flu, it'll get a little better. He uses a walker around the house now all the time just because his balance isn't very good right now. Matt was featured on a local new broadcast this week telling about his story.

Then yesterday while I was at work, Asher started bleeding and my in-laws had to rush him to the animal hospital. He's okay, but he has a perianal fistula and has to eat special food and take some meds. Poor thing! His knee had also been acting up again, but that seems to be doing better now. I hate seeing both my boys suffer! Thank goodness for my in-laws, though! I don't know how I'd be doing this without them. 

Now here's to hoping I don't catch the flu!!


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