When it Rains, it Pours

Well, it's just one thing after another with our poor doggy!

My mother in law woke up Sunday morning to Asher covered in blood. We thought maybe it was from licking his legs excessively and that's where it was coming from, but we also noticed that he was bleeding from the mouth every time he ate and drank. We decided to take him to the animal hospital, and come to find out he has a GI bleed as well as a cut under his tongue! They had to keep him for a few days, but he's okay!

In the last month, he's had a peri-anal fistula, then a twisted stomach a week later, and then another week later, this. I guess it's just park of getting old! I just hope he keeps pulling through all these things. I know he's not going to live forever, but for Matt's sake right now, I just don't want to lose him yet. He is our baby.

We got to go and take him home yesterday! I was glad to see that he was his normal, happy self! The house is just so quiet and weird without him there. Let's hope for NO more hospital visits for a long while!
In other news, Matt had his second chemo infusion last Tuesday. It went much better than the last time with not having the flu! He's definitely feeling better, but he does still have a hard time with walking without assistance, and he sleeps a lot. But I think that's the norm for most people with brain cancer from what I see from the Facebook groups I'm in. He is going to be starting in home physical therapy soon, which I really hope will help some.  He hasn't been getting out of the house at all lately besides for his two infusions.
It has been a struggle some days, and it's really hard mentally seeing my husband like this. But for the most part, I try to stay positive. I'm getting used to our new "norm". I just worry about the thoughts that are in his head that he doesn't share with me, and hope he's in a good place mentally. I know this has to be harder on him than I can imagine-going from being an amazing athlete to barely being able to move his feet.

People say they're inspired by my strength and my faith and positivity. But to me it's like, what's the alternative? Walk around feeling sorry for myself all the time? Being sad and depressed? That isn't going to help anything. The fact of the matter that bad things happen, and we will suffer. Jesus said we would. It's part of this life here on Earth. So we can either be miserable when those things happen, or we can try to see the positive and choose to live with joy.


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