Capp Kindess Project

I've been working with Matt's friend, Katrina, for the last few weeks on something we're really excited about, and I wanted to share it here. Both of us wanted to do something in honor of Matt's birthday, November 12th, so we came up with the Capp Kindness Project.

The concept is to perform at least one act of kindness for someone on November 12. That's it! Matt was happiest when he could help someone or put a smile on someone's face, so there would be no better way to honor him than by helping others on that day.

We've come up with a list of 34 specific ideas that you can choose from(34 for Matt's football number):

We also ask that you would print out a slip and leave it or hand it out with whatever act of kindness you choose to do. The goal of this day is to spread kindness and love and also to share Matt's story. We would love for this to be interactive, so please join the event page on Facebook, and take a photo or post what you did to the page on November 12th! 

(If you would like a slip mailed or a PDF version e-mailed to you, message here or on Facebook, or e-mail me at

People often say to me that they feel helpless and wish they could do something to help-well, this is something you can do. To see people all around the world participating, spreading God's love and keeping Matt's legacy alive, would make me SO happy, y'all. So please consider being involved, and start thinking of an idea/ideas now. I've got my ideas ready! Let's make this HUGE!


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