My Muscle Building Journey

From the moment I picked up my first pair of dumbbells, I fell in love with weight training.

I was never overweight; actually, I was the opposite. Growing up, I was tall and scrawny and often felt self-conscious about it-especially my skinny legs! I found out that through weight training I could actually build my body up and create curves that I never had!

 My goal with lifting weights has always been to build muscle. I was never one of those girls who was afraid of getting "bulky" or looking "manly". I loved the way muscles looked on a woman, and I loved how strong they made me feel. I can remember in middle school watching the show "Bodyshaping" on ESPN and thinking, "I want to look like that someday!"

It's been a long journey to achieve the look that I have now. Building muscle is NOT easy! I am proud of the muscle I have created but am still working on my physique and building more muscle-I will never stop improving!

Check out this post to see just how I built these guns!

May 2005
Fall 2009

Summer 2010
Spring 2011
 Dec. 2011
Sept 2011
Feb 2012
July 2012
July 2012
May 2012
October 2012


  1. I love this page! Your progress is impressive & such a great reminder that when you KEEP GOING, you CAN reach your goals!

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot. It's been a long, slow journey! I still get down on myself sometimes because there is still work to be done, but these photos are a reminder of how far I've come. :)

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  3. Great efforts! Really an inspiration for lots of girls. Bookmarked your page. My niece is also working for building her muscles. I will tell her about your story. My brother also does lot of exerciese and take prohormones supplements to get a great shape.

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