Thoughts at the moment:

*I hate moving. It really sux, especially knowing you have to move again in 3 weeks.
*I wish Matt would get home!
*I am so hungry, and there is no food in the house.
*I'm craving something chocolate right now...and coffee for some reason.
*Today was a dumb day. All I did was clean and pack up stuff. Did get a workout in, though.
*I need to get out of this house!
*I just want to get settled in to our condo. I hate this waiting....
*I hope Matt finds a new job!
*I can't wait for summer to get here! Wish I could go to the beach.........
*My 3 year marriage anniversary is next Saturday!! Still don't have anything planned.
*Probably won't til then. : (
*Wish we could do something different instead of just dinner. Oh well.
*Can't wait to see Matt tonight!


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