My job is really frustrating sometimes. I really love what I do, but sometimes it's just hard telling people the same things over and over again! There's so many myths about weight loss, and I have to try to dispell(?) all of them!

And I know I say this all the time, but the main one is with women and lifting heavy. So many women have told me that someone told them in the past not to lift heavy, not to lift more than 5 lbs, or to only train with high reps, or something to that extent. That is totally false! And these people probably have no IDEA what they are talking about who have told them that.

It is so ingrained(sp?) in women because the myth that women will get bulky from weight lifting has been around for soooo long. And even after I tell them that it is a MYTH, they are still afraid of lifting heavy. Even when I say, 'look at me-I lift heavy and I'm not big!' It's just annoying.

Women are so concerned with pounds and inches instead of just losing body fat while building muscle and looking GOOD, even if you don't lose a ton of weight. (Now, I'm talking about women that have 10-20 lbs to lose, not those who are really overweight.)

I just don't know what more I can do. People get frustrated when they don't get quick results(which to them is losing weight) and quit. It takes years to transform you body, not a few weeks or months!

But lifting those 5 lbs over and over again is definitely NOT the way to do it!


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