It is HOT!! So far we've gotten lucky this summer with decent weather in the high 70s/low 80s, but now the summer weather is here full force!! But I'm not complainin'!! I ♥ summer!

Well, over the weekend Matt and I went down to my grandparent's place on the Kentucky River for a day. Asher had fun playing in the water-even though it was really muddy! And we went to Buckheads in Indiana on the River-we had a pretty view of Louisville to look at while we ate! But we had people smoking around us, which was not enjoyable. I can tolerate smoking(but still hate it), but Matt canNOT at all. It makes him VERY angry! I wish people that smoked would be a little more considerate! There's a reason why we choose not to smoke!!

Anyway, today I didn't work- so I layed out for a little while this morning... just got finished training legs...and now I need to go to the grocery. Then I'm making some chicken and corn on the cob for dinner-yummy!


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