"That is Awesome"

Ugghhh....it is so nasty and cold and rainy outside-I just wanna curl up in some comfy clothes and read a book or watch TV all day! But I gotta go to work. I don't even wanna step foot outside!

I dropped my husband off at work earlier(he still can't drive with his injured knee and elbow), and got my workout in there(he's an assistant manager at another gym-not the ones I work at). Sometimes it's good working out at a different gym than usual-I just like the different atmosphere.
Anyway, I did shoulders and tris today. I was doing my last two sets of dumbbell presses, and when I was finished doing a set of 6 with 35's, this guy goes, "That is just awesome that you can do that!" I love comments like that! Guys in the gym don't expect to see little ol' me picking up 35 or 40 pound dumbbells!

I don't know about you guys, but I am usually the only woman lifting heavy at the gym. I know us girls here in blogger's world are heavy lifters, but in real life I think it's pretty rare to find women really lifting heavy. I've been to a LOT of different gyms, and I've maybe once or twice seen a woman lifting heavy weights, besides myself.

The women are usually all on the cardio machines, or using the adductor/abductor machine, or maybe doing some ab exercises.... it drives me crazy. I wish the weight room would be filled with women! Maybe someday! :)


  1. That is cool! Hey, I'd be in there with you lifting heavy weights : )

  2. I workout in a gym that is in the center of a fancy schmancy neighborhood complex. And I go at around 9 am. Yea - I am usually the ONLY one in the free weights area. The rest of the members at that time are the "desperate housewives" rich types chatting on their phones while walking at 2.0 on the treadmill. Whatever floats your boat I guess but I, too, would LOVE seeing more women pumping iron :)


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