Snow #2

We probably ended up getting about 4-5 inches of snow overnight. I was like a little kid when I woke up and looked out the window and went,"Ooh! Snow!" Lol. Went out and played in it with my hubby and my dog, Asher, earlier today. It's so fun watching Asher run around like crazy in the snow! He loves it. Well, now that I've had my fun with the snow...I'm ready for it to melt fast. One day is enough! Anyway...had cinnamon rolls today for my "treat", and they were sooooo good! Haven't had those in FORever! Now I'm about to watch a movie and snuggle on the couch with my hubby! My favorite thing ever. I love weekends. Wish they didn't have to end. :)


  1. Oh how wonderful! I remember wanting to wake up to snow when I was little. We used to get much more then than we do now. I still live in the town where I grew up but now we get a few inches every now and then compared to the foot or so we would get 25 years ago. Such a bummer: ( Enjoy the snow and the weekend with your hubby!


  2. you have such a pretty puppy dog! how fun!


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