"Health Foods" You Shouldn't Be Eating

When I first started trying to eat healthy about 5 years ago, the very first thing I did was give up fast food, soft drinks and sweets-all the obvious things that I knew were bad for me. I started eating things like Lean Cuisine meals, protein bars, granola bars, baked chips, reduced fat crackers, diet soft drinks, flavored yogurt, fat free hotdogs,etc...all those things that sound like they are good for you....but really are not.

At the time, I thought I was eating really healthy. The thing that I didn't realize was that I was still eating too many processed foods. Even though they may have been fat free or sugar free, they were not the healthiest choicest because of all the artificial ingredients that they put into those foods to make them taste good. I didn't know back then about high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners being bad for you.

What I didn't realize is that the key is to focus not on sugar free or fat free "diet" foods, but on foods that are natural and have minimal ingredients. Things like lean meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, etc. All of those things only have ONE ingredient. They don't need a label on them saying, "Fat free" or "Sugar free" or "Natural"! Usually, if something is fat free it is full of sugar and vice versa.

Over the past few years, I have slowly taken those foods out of my diet. No more granola bars, no more Lean Cuisines, no more sugar free pudding cups, no more reduced fat Pringles! Those are NOT healthy foods. My diet now revolves around lean meats(chicken, turkey, tuna, lean beef), eggs, nuts, oats, Ezekiel bread, vegetables, fruits, and some dairy. I also have a protein shake twice a day for the extra protein, since my goal right now is on building as much muscle as possible. I don't eat anything that comes in a box(besides my Kashi cereal) or anything that says, "fat free" or "sugar free".

There are still some things I am working on changing in my diet. Protein shakes are controversial because MOST of them do have artificial sweeteners in them. I also eat a yogurt called "Carbmaster" from Kroger that is low in sugar, high in protein, BUT does have artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that are not the best for your health. (I hope to be able to transition to Greek Yogurt at some point, but I just can't do it yet!)

So if you are trying to lose weight or just be healthy(which is my main goal), just remember to focus on eating foods that GROW, or that have a mom and dad! Give up the granola bars, flavored yogurts, "100 calorie" snack packs, most cereals, frozen dinners, sugar-free fat-free pudding cups, and fat free salad dressings, among other things.

Another things to remember is that not all fat is bad for you. When most people go on a "diet" they completely eliminate fat, which is not healthy and can actually go against your fat loss efforts. Actually, you NEED healthy fats in your diet from foods such as almonds, walnuts, seeds, avocadoes, fish, and olive oil. Of course you don't want to eat fatty, greasy foods like bacon or sausage, but don't be scared to eat a handful of nuts or use a salad dressing made with olive oil.

Check out this article for some other "health foods" that aren't really so healthy:


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