Quality of Life

"I don't lift weights to add years to my life, I lift weights to add LIFE to my years."

(A quote I heard today at the gym-I just changed the wording around from 'run' to 'lift weights' because I don't run, but I loved this quote!)

I don't necessarily exercise to live longer. Honestly, the last 10 years of most people's lives are not very good years, and I really have no desire to live to be 100!

It's about quality of life. I exercise because I don't want to waste away, or be weak and fragile, or have heart and health problems when I get older like so many people do. Hopefully the lifestyle I live will prevent that. I want to be strong and active, even when I'm an old lady!

I had a couple of people today at the gym tell me that I'm an inspiration to them. Watching me workout and lift heavy weights has inspired them to start challenging themselves and to try to lift heavier, too! That is so awesome. It makes me happy to know that I've had somewhat of an influence on some people's lives. :)


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