Squat Day

Have I ever said how much I love squats? Well, only heavy squats, that is. There's nothing better than the feeling after you finish a hard set of heavy squats-I love it!! Sometimes I think I would just like to be a powerlifter. Forget those met-cons!

Today's WOD was 5 sets of 3 squats. I'm still pretty sore from heavy deadlifts a few days ago...of course, with CrossFit it seems like I'm always sore! I ended up with 3 sets of 185lbs, which I'm satisfied with. My squats were pretty strong before I started CrossFit, but that was only going down to parallel, not a full squat. So my weakness is in the bottom position of the squat and my hip and glute strength.

Well, it's finally FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Tonight we're having tacos and then tomorrow is my cheat meal! Yay! :) Even though I have had a few "cheats" already this week. I bought a box of chocolates at the grocery store the other day because they were on sale, so I have to admit that I did have a few pieces here and there...so what?? ;) I love boxed chocolates.... I'd be satisfied if I could just live off of cereal, Baked Doritos, and chocolate for the rest of my life! Oh-and peanut butter. :)


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