Squats and Bench

I love love LOVED today's CrossFit workout!

You had to do as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
3 bench presses(125lb for women)
5 squats(155lb for women)

What I did NOT love, however, was that yesterday's workout was full out sprints, so I am super sore in my quads and hamstrings today, and I have some knee thing going on....

One of the only things I don't like about Crossfit is that sometimes I don't get their programming. Doing sprints and then squats the next day doesn't make sense to me...but oh well, I'm just goin with it anyway!

So I did the squats with 135lbs, which is usually not hard for me at all...Well, today it felt like 500 lbs with how sore my quads were! I used 115 on the bench press, which was pretty tough. But fun! I love to bench press. :)


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