"But I Love Junk Food!"

"But I like to eat!"

"I just really love junk food!"

These are things that people have said to me when discussing diet or weight loss or whatever...it's so dumb that it just makes me want to be like, "Uhh, so? Who doesn't?"

I mean, really, you don't think I like to eat? You don't think I love junk food? You don't think I wish I could eat donuts every morning, McDonald's for lunch and pizza for dinner every night???

Well, the thing is I could... but I choose not to because I care about my health and about maintaining my physique. I mean, I think we all would love to be able eat junk every day and still be healthy and look good...but obviously, you can't! I mean, I don't think many people would really choose broccoli over French fries or grilled chicken breast over pizza, at least I wouldn't! ;)

You just have to choose what's more important to you- the temporary pleasure of eating something that tastes really good, OR the long lasting satisfaction that you get from being healthy and feeling good and looking your best?

So yeah, I love to eat and I love junkfood,too! But I don't love what junkfood does to my body. I don't like how it makes me feel. And I definitely do NOT want to ruin all of the hard work I do in the gym by eating bad! So when it comes down to do I want that candy bar...or do I want a great body??? Hmmm....to me the decision is easy!


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