I Do It For Fun

It's pretty funny the comments I get at the gym sometimes. And the looks I get when people see some of the things I do. I mean, I really don't blame them!

Most people at a normal, or "globo" gym(as CrossFitters call it), don't do workouts like I do, so people always think that I'm training for something. I have people ask me if I'm doing a competition or if I'm an athlete, and when I tell them that I'm just doing it for fun and to stay fit and strong, they always look at me like they can't believe it. I once had an older lady watch me do heavy push presses and then later ask me why I would want to do that. She looked at me in shock when I said, "Cuz it's fun!"

People just can't seem comprehend that anyone would put themselves through what I do for FUN, and not for training for a sport or anything. They've probably never seen anyone working out the way I do, or lifting as heavy as I do just for the fun of it! I guess it's not what most people call fun...But really, it IS fun to me! (Although I usually HATE the WODs when I'm doing them!) Maybe I am a little crazy...

Of course, its not just for the fun of it that I kill myself everyday at the gym or that I lift heavy weights over my head or on my back. I want to be as fit as I can be. I want to be as STRONG as I can be. I want to feel like I'm accomplishing something. I like working towards goals. I like being challenged. But yes, most of all, IT IS FUN!


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