I Just Wanna Soak Up the Sun!!!

Oh, it's Monday again....Those Mondays sneak up on me so fast. :(

I had a good workout today, although it involved running, my least favorite thing. For time: 800m run, 30 clean and jerks(I used 95lbs), 800m run. Took me about 20 minutes.

So I had a really nice weekend-Saturday we had beautiful weather, and I was so happy to finally get our pool up! You just can't really enjoy summers here in Kentucky without a pool. After getting the pool up and then floating in the sun for a bit, we had some pizza for lunch/dinner, and then went to Tumbleweed on the waterfront downtown for some dessert as the sun set.

Of course, I had a slice of the peanut butter pie! This thing is so amazing, I can't even explain it.... Today is kind of dreary, but the next few days are supposed to be hot and SUNNY. So you know where I'll be! Right here:


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