4th of July Weekend Recap

I had a great, long 4th of July weekend! It was spent floating in the sun, working out, and eating lots of food(some of which was NOT so healthy)!

Sunday Matt and I drove out to E-town for a cookout at my aunt's house.I got to see my sister for the first time in months!Then Sunday night we went downtown to 4th street to eat some dessert at T.G.I Friday's.We had the Oreo cookie madness, which is basically 2 icecream sandwiches w/cookies and cream icecream, drizzled in fudge and caramel sauce! It was pretty darn yummy. :)
Then we found a spot to watch the fireworks go off over the river. Monday we grilled up a bunch of meat and some veggies. I had some barbecue chicken, squash, and a turkey burger on a lettuce bun.
And this is where most of our days were spent-soaking up the sun in the pool! So relaxing! Isn't my husband such a cutie?? I love him. :)


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