I ♥ Tuesdays

Besides the weekends of course, Tuesdays are my favorite days. :)

I only train a few clients in the morning, and then I have the whole rest of the day to enjoy and to get things done. Usually I use this day to go grocery shopping, the library, clean the house, do laundry, or... just float in the pool!

Today is a gorgeous day-80 degrees with low humidity. Perfection. I love it...but it's also kind of sad because it tells me that summer is almost over.... Nooo!!! It just can't be. But I am determined to enjoy what's left of the summer to the fullest! Today I floated in the pool a little, even though the water was freezing!! I WILL get in more pool days before summer ends!

Soooo my plans for the rest of the day are to throw in some laundry, then lay in the hammock with a book and enjoy this wonderful weather! After that, I'll have some dinner and maybe walk Asher, then wait for my husband to come home so we can snuggle on the couch and watch some TV. I know, I have such a rough life. ;)


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