My Motivation

A lot of people ask how I get the motivation that I have.
I know I have mentioned it before, but one thing that keeps me motivated and ensures that I don't slack in my training is setting goals. I truly think this is important and that failure to do so is the reason why so many people don't continue in their fitness journey.

Now I'm not talking about physical goals, but rather performance goals. Too many people start an exercise program for one reason and one reason only-to lose weight or to look better. Yes, of course wanting to look good motivates me, but I think that the main reason why I very rarely skip workouts and why I look forward to going to the gym is because I know that each workout is making me stronger and taking me closer to my goals. Setting new goals keeps me challenged, and if I'm constantly trying to get better at something, I always have something to strive for and I can never get bored!

If I were just going to the gym for looks alone...then yeah, I'd probably get bored and be much more likely to skip workouts.  But because I am TRAINING for something and  have a goal I'm trying to achieve, I know that I can't skip a workout. It makes me excited to get to the gym and train for my goal.

Earlier this year, I set some goals for myself that I had hoped to accomplish my the end of this year:

So far, I've achived four out of the seven listed! I can now do an unassisted handstand(although I can't stay up very long yet-still working on that!), 5 handstand pushups(at least), and just today I did 20 kipping pullups(neutral grip).

Just recently I reached my goal of 3 muscle ups in a row:
Right now my goal is to get a twice bodyweight deadlift and increase my squat to 215. I'd also like to get better at the snatch and work on getting a strict muscle up on the rings or a bar.  With CrossFit, there is always something to get better and stronger at, which is part of the reason why I love it!


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