Your Struggles Make You Stronger-Just Some Thoughts

Everyone has experienced hard times in their life. Some, more than others. But no matter what you have been through, there comes a time when you have to move on from your past and decide to make the best of your future.  

You can’t just wallow in your misery and feel sorry for yourself and all the bad things that have happened to you in your life. Instead, think of them as opportunities for growth and change. How can your experiences make you a better person? How can they make you stronger? How can they help you to help others by what you’ve gone through?  

There are things in my life that I wish had not happened; things that I wish were different, but I choose not to dwell on those things. Don’t live in the past. You can’t change what has happened to you, but you can change your attitude and your outlook about them, and the choices you make from here on out.

Don’t hold on to bitterness and anger because it will only make you miserable.  Always be forgiving and loving and try to see other people’s point of view. It’s not always easy to do, but try to be positive in every circumstance, no matter what comes your way. Remember that there is always someone out there who has been through or is going through worse than you.

Life is hard, but your struggles make you stronger. Life is what you make of it by how you handle the circumstances that come your way.  You are in control of your future, but only if you can let go of your past.

And one last thing-always appreciate what you have. Never ever take it for granted.  I have learned that sometimes it takes pain and loss to realize what things are truly important in life.


  1. Agreed! Good call :) And I read your post about feeling like the real you doesn't come out until someone really knows you ... I can relate! But it's all good - those that really matter will take the time to get to know you. I really enjoy your blog and just wanted to let you know! Happy Saturday :)

  2. Thanks, and that is true. Happy Saturday to you!! :)

  3. so very true. It may not be easy but find a way to let go of the past and move forward. You will be better off every time!

  4. I had a hard childhood with selfish parents who abandon my 2 sisters and I. I don't wish that anything went differently though, because it made me such a strong person! I made the best of the worst. To me that is something to be proud of! Also, I recently made a new list of goals and one of them said, "be patient and kind to others in any scenario". Sometimes in stressful situations this can be a challenge but I am always up for one! And in the end I am happier with myself for being positive in a time that could have been negative.

  5. Krystal-that's a great attitude to have!!


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