167 More Days Til Summer

It's SO nice out today! 50 and sunny-can't ask for more than that in January.

I am ready for summer to be here. Only 167 more days! I went to Target today-and bathing suits are already out!! I had to force myself to look away and walk past them. Oh, it was so hard not to look-they're all just so cute! It was like they were calling my name:"Lindsay-look over here! Come on, just one look!" But I did not give in to the temptation. :)

I don't shop much in the winter because I hate winter clothes, but summer is a different story. Short shorts and tanks and bikinis---aaaahhhhh! I think I was meant to be a beach bum. I could live in cut off shorts and a bikini top every day and be perfectly content. Okay, I gotta stop thinking about the beach now. My husband and I are DUE for a beach trip...it has been too long!

So finally I have almost all of my Christmas decorations down. I have one tree left to diss-assemble(not sure if that's a word) and then the outside lights to take down. It's so sad. :( I had to wait a couple weeks after Christmas to take down the decorations because it was just too depressing for me right after. But I'm okay with it now-Christmas is behind me, and my sights are now set on summer!! :)

Okay, so I have a couple more months left to try to gain some more weight. I am now up to 122lbs consistently, and the other day I actually stepped on the scale and it said 124!! Woah! So what if it was the day after a cheat meal(= fat and bloated) and that it was later in the evening? I was still pretty excited- I haven't seen that number in years(if ever?)! 

I want to gain 3 more pounds. Just 3. more. stinkin'. pounds! You wouldn't think it'd be so hard-but for me, that could take months. My goal is to get to 125 by March! I have been really consistent with getting in all my meals, and even having some small treats here and there for some extra calories. Surely by March I will reach my goal! Last night I was not even all that hungry for dinner-I had to force myself to choke down all of my chicken and broccoli. 

So I just had to point out that my husband read my abs post from yesterday and totally made fun of me for using "welp" in a sentence in my blog. I was like, "I say that all the time in my blog, so what?" So just to let everyone know-I know that "welp" is not an actual word. I say it all the time when I talk-I think it's a Kentucky thing. I like to I write like I'm talking, and that's how I would say it, so that's what I write!  Even it that makes me a nerd. :)


  1. Whelp is cute for you! You can def pull it off! Lol ;)
    As for the lbs... I can give you some! I have a hard time losing, not gaining!

  2. hahaha...I thought welp was cute too! (so there Hubby..majority rules,welp is in, hehe). Its all about painting the picture, right!.

  3. See, I knew my blogger friends would like my "welp"! :)


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