Old School

I took my workout outside yesterday with some of the "toys" that my husband made for me.
Tire sled a.k.a torture device.

I did forward and backward sled sprints, overhead walking lunges and ball slams. It was fun! It felt good to do something different and be outside in the fresh air.

The sled sprints were a lot harder than I thought they would be! I kind of felt like Rocky Balboa, training outside in the cold! It even started to snow, ha!

Sprinting, sled dragging, tire flipping, and heavy lifting with barbells and dumbbells-I just love this stuff! Old school training is making a comeback, and I think it's awesome.

The problem with people these days is they want all the conditions to be perfect, they want to whine and complain about the temperature in the gym or the music, they don't want to sweat too much, they want to put forth as little effort as possible, and they want the most results they can get with the least amount of work.

The invention of cardio machines and weight machines have just made people lazy, in my opinion! What happened to jumping rope and running stairs for cardio? That's all people could really do back in the day-that and walk or jog. Just think, all the old school bodybuilders didn't need all the fancy machines we have today. They did just fine with calisthenics, barbells, and dumbbells.

I say every one would be better off  just getting back to the basics, and not being afraid of a little sweat and heavy weights. :)


  1. Your hubby did good! That is so cool :)
    I bet you even inspired some of your neighbors.

  2. That's a great hubby you have there. I love your new toy and am sooo jealous. :) Enjoy!

    1. I know, he's great! He's so creative and has fun making stuff-next up is a plyo box!


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