Weight is still going up! I weighed in at 126lbs yesterday!! Holy crap, I've never weighed that much! Well, maybe my senior year of highschool when I had more bodyfat from all the fast food and Reese cups I was eating every single day! Oh, those were the days...

I haven't been tracking my food the last couple weeks, just playing it by ear now. I don't like being obsessed about tracking every single thing I eat. I guess I'm getting in enough since my weight is staying up. I'll start tracking it again when I want to lean out and have to get a little stricter with my diet.

Well, as I mentioned, I'm doing a week of CrossFit workouts...did one yesterday with pullups, pushups and box jumps. I have to say, I was excited about doing CrossFit this week....but now I'm just looking forward to getting back to the weights!

I guess I'm just not that into it like I used to be. :( I don't look forward to killing myself every single workout...and I've realized that I like to be able to BREATHE during my workouts! There are parts of it I still like, but I will only use it for short conditioning workouts every now and then after my lifting from now on.

Hmmm...well, not much else to say... I'm wishing, hoping and praying to be able to plan a beach trip this year! We're waiting to see if my husband will get enough vacation days. It would be SO much fun for us to go away to the beach for a few days-it's been 4 years since we last went together. But until then, I guess my dreams will have to do....


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