My Goals Are Neverending

Today was leg day!

Hopefully I'm not rushing into training legs again, but I felt good after my last leg workout, so I figured I'd try it again! I'm still going kind of light, which is SO hard for me to do.

I did front squats today with only 105lbs for 6 reps. Then I did one of my favorite but toughest exercises-bulgarian split squats! After not doing them for over a year when I did CrossFit, I'm still not back to the weight I used to be able to use. They are hard enough even without weight!
Here I'm just using a 25lb plate in one hand.
Just as a side note, I seem to get a much better leg workout with my tall socks and booty shorts, haha. ;)

So I was just thinking about some of my goals today...and after looking at some of my beach pics, I've come to the conclusion that I need a bigger booty. So it is now "project big booty" time!

My quads have definitely improved over the years and my butt has grown some, too, but I want it even bigger! My calves are a different story entirely-not sure if they will ever be anything but scrawny! I also want my shoulders bigger and rounder and a thicker back.

And as far as strength goals, right now I'm working towards being able to bench press my bodyweight 5 times. Monday I got 120lbs for 3 reps, and my bodyweight is currently around 122-123lbs. I also want to get that 100lb overhead press I've wanted for a while! My current PR is 95lbs. Just 5 more pounds-you wouldn't think it'd be so hard!

My goals are neverending. Everyone always says it, but that's because it's true-fitness is  journey, NOT a destination! You should always be trying to find ways to better yourself, and it doesn't just have to be about looks. Yes, that is a huge motivational factor, but you should also be continuously challenging yourself in your workouts with heavier weights, or just trying new exercises.  

"Focus on small progress every day and live every moment – and don’t fear failure. You don’t have to be perfect, just persistent. Realize that every second that you are not taking action is another day living the life you so desperately want to change.” -James Smith


  1. Your legs are awesome!!!! Love the socks.thanks for the post I will now go write my goals for fitness. Thanks


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