New Workout Plan and Nutrition Update

Current Workout Plan:
Sunday: Upper heavy(3-5 reps)
Snatches or cleans
Push presses or jerks
Bench press
Monday: Lower
Box jumps
Glute bridges/hip thrusts
Walking lunges
Tues: REST
Wednesday: Upper hypertrophy(6-10 reps) + glute bridges
Hip thrusts
DB presses
1 arm rows
DB incline chest press
Curls, dips, lateral raises
Thursday: REST
Friday:  CrossFit
Saturday: *Optional* conditioning workout
Farmer's walks
Battle ropes
Ball slams

My goals right now are to focus on upper body strength(bodyweight bench press for 5, 100lb overhead press), and lower body muscle building.

I came across an article about some ways to build up legs that I have not tried. For one thing, I'm going to add calf training back in(bleh) twice a week along with more jump roping to see if maybe my non existent calves will grow! I'm also going to add in more single leg training, such as Bulgarian split squats and front loaded reverse single leg lunges(which I've never done).

And I'm what dreading most: "widowmakers". Basically, a widowmaker is when you do a 20 rep set of squats with a weight you would normally only do 10 reps with. It is brutal! I know because I did a bodyweight squat challenge a few months ago and got 30 reps with 125lbs, and it was awful. But maybe higher reps is what I need for my legs to grow in addition to the heavy stuff. I also found this article:

As far as nutrition goes, lately I've been a little less strict with my eating, as in not tracking my food or paying attention to macros or anything like that and eating more carbs and treats here and there(as in Kind bars and caramel apples-those are my weakness!). And it feels great. I'm not stressing about my diet, I'm not trying to lean out or be a certain weight or get my abs to show, and I love it. My stomach may not be as lean as I'd like it to be, but I don't have to have a ripped stomach all year round-I mean, who cares? I have no one to impresss.

I've even been doing less conditioning and finishers after my workouts and not even doing any walking at all, although I would like to add the walking back in. It's nice to take a break from being strict with my eating, and if I want to lean out a little more( for what reason I have no idea), I know what to do and would tighten things up a bit. But a little bodyfat for me right now doesn't bother me.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Lindsay! I love your attitude to having a little extra padding ;) I always say I would rather live with freedom and have a little extra body fat than be super strict with ripped abs.

    1. ME TOO! It just feels so free and non-stressful! I like tightening up on my diet having abs every once in a while, say for a beach trip or photoshoot or something, but not year round, that's for sure! ;)

    2. I guess it all depends on what makes you happy. Ripped abs make some people happy, I suppose!

  2. YOU are amazing <3 I love your attitude!


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