All Bodyweight Upper Body

Today I thought I'd do something different and do a workout with only my bodyweight.

1)Handstand pushups:  5x5

2)Pullups(overhand grip on bar): Rest pause(goal 25 reps), 30seconds rest: 10-5-4-3-3

3)Bar Dips:(Rest pause, goal 30 reps)10-8-6-6

4a)Pushups: x10
4b)Inverted Rows: x12 (4 sets)

5)Decline situps: 3 x15

5 minute burpee pullups, amap(as many as possible)
=30 reps

While I love including bodyweight exercises into my workouts, to me, there's nothing quite like throwing some heavy weights around! I would much rather put 200lbs on my back and squat than do pistols any day!

But bodyweight workouts ARE great when you want to give your body a break from heavy weights, when you are travelling and have no access to a gym, or if you just want to do a workout in the park on a beautiful day! :)

To update you on one of my end of the year goals, here is a vid of me practicing my handstand walking the other day. I have gotten much better, even though I can only take a few "steps".  When I first started I would take a step and fall right over! Progress. :)
Just curious: do you enjoy bodyweight workouts or do you love the weights?


  1. I'm so bad at doing bodyweight workouts. One of the guys I work with has actually inspired me to start doing more bodyweight stuff. He is AMAZING with the stuff he can do. It's so, so tough but he makes it look easy.

    You are doing awesome with those handstand walks!

    1. Thanks Tara!
      I really don't like bodyweight only workouts-they bore me! But I do like to mix them in with the big lifts.


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