Lets Finish The Year Strong!

I think now it's a great time to set some fitness goals!  Most people this time of the year start slacking on their health and fitness goals and get into the mindset of, "Oh, I'll just wait for the new year to get back on track." Well I say why wait for the new year like everyone else?

Plus, I don't know about you, but I know that I will be eating more treats and homecooked meals than normal in the next couple months(via multiple Thanksgivings, Matt's birthday, my birthday, in-laws visiting, Christmas, New Years), so... why not use those extra calories to really go hard at the gym and have some great workouts?!

Starting today, November 1, I am setting myself a few goals to keep me focused and to finish out the year strong:

*Eat at least 2 servings of vegetables every single day. (1 serving=1/2 cup cooked or raw veggies, or 1 cup leafy greens)
*Get in a 20-30 minute walk every day. I've been slacking on this, but I think walking is a great for recovery, good for the soul, and a perfect time to pray and reflect on your blessings.
*200lb barbell glute bridge. I am at 175lbs right now...so I think I should be able to get to 200 by the end of the year!
*10 full range of motion handstand pushups. Right now can do about 8, but I usually do them to a mat, which is probably an inch or maybe more off the floor, so that shortens the range of motion.

Anyone want to join me? Pick one or two things to work toward for the rest of the year and let me know what they are!

Here are some ideas:
Bring a healthy lunch to work every day.
Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal.
Do a pullup.
Do 5 or 10 real pushups in a row.
Bodyweight back squat or deadlift, or double if you're advanced.
Do something active every single day.
Try something new(lift weights, do yoga, try a new exercise, etc.).


  1. You can do handstand push ups!? Oh wait, of course you can ;) I want to see a video of this! You are so inspiring!

    1. Thank you! I'll do a video soon to see how many I can get, haven't done them in a few weeks so we will see how it goes! :)


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