Ice Skating Fun & Progress Pics

 A bunch of my family got together over the weekend to go ice skating and look at the lights downtown. My family is a little crazy, so it's always a fun time no matter what we do!
Sunday was church, lunch at Qdoba, and then a lazy rest of the day. Laying on the couch watching football by the Christmas tree with my little family is my favorite. I told my husband I wish we could just do that every day! :)
So I took some pics the other day just because I was feeling lean and haven't taken any bathroom posing pics in a while! ;)  Figured I should document my leanness, because as soon as I start seeing abs and more veins popping out...I know it's time to start eating more!
People don't seem to quite understand why I don't want to be super lean, since that is what everyone seems to be striving for. I just don't like the way I look any really lean. Well, okay, I do like the abs that come with it...but I'd sacrifice seeing my abs to have a "thicker" look with a little more body fat! I just wanna be swole! ;)
 I don't know if it's just in my head or what, but when I went back to my upper/lower split and added in some finishers at the end of my workout, I swear I got leaner in just a  week without even trying. So it's either cut back on those or just eat more....I like the intense workouts, so I'll probably just eat more!


  1. You have a perfect body, Lindsay!! Seriously - you look amazing :D

    1. Well, thanks Tara! But it is definitely not perfect!You can't see my lower legs in these pics and I know how to cleverly hide my love handles! It's just an illusion. ;)

  2. aw beautiful family! You look amazing!!

  3. Hey Lindsay! I follow your blog pretty regularly. You're workout regime sounds very similar to mine with the lower/upper split. I add in 3 days of crossfit training at a local crossfit gym, but Tues., Thur. and Sunday are dedicated to strength training. I'm trying to put on more size as husband, who is also very into training and health tells me constantly that I need to continue to eat more. I know everyone is different but I would love if you could give me an average day of eating for you. Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      Yes, the eating is key. I've seen great progress in the last few years by eating better food and MORE of it! I'll do a What I Ate Wednesday post today!


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