How I'm Getting Bikini Ready!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get lean! Isn’t that what everyone is going to be striving for in the next few months? Well, here is what I will be doing to get bikini ready:  

*Lift heavy 3-4 times per week
*Eat clean consistently
*One treat meal per week
*Walk a few times a week

Okay, okay...I kind of  tricked's the same exact thing I’ve been doing. Sorry to burst your bubbles. ;)

You see, my goal is to be bikini ready all year round! I train hard and eat clean consistently so that I DON’T have to go on a strict “diet” to get ready for summer.  For me, winter is not an excuse to eat like crap and let myself gain 20lbs or skimp on my workouts just because I’m not going to be seen in a bikini or up on a competition stage.
I get the concept, but I've never been a fan of the whole "bulking/cutting" thing, especially when there are huge weight fluctuations. I do, however, think there are times to be strict with your diet and then times to just relax and be a little less strict. If I really wanted to "tighten up" a little more, there are a few tweaks I would make to my training and nutrition, but the changes would be minimal.

Take the slow road – don’t be the guy “bulking” and “cutting” and “dieting.” All of these things fail. It’s about a lifestyle. -Jim Wendler

My goal is never to feel like I’m on a diet and for my training to never be a means to an end-just something I do to get get leaner. Yeah, I want to look the best I can, but it’s not only about that. That’s why I enjoy working out so much and very rarely skip workouts or lose my motivation. Because working out is so ingrained in me, such a habit, it’s not something I have to convince myself to do.

I also want to point out that to me, being “bikini ready” isn’t about getting to 10% bodyfat or having ripped abs. It’s being confident of the body you’re in, wherever you’re at in your fitness journey. It’s being proud of what you’ve created through your hard work and dedication and recognizing how far you've come.

For me personally, I've realized that there comes a point when I have to stop the craziness and be satisfied with myself. I’ve come to accept that I’m not going to have a 6 pack or ever have the perfect body. I will always hate my love handles, my narrow hips, and my skinny legs, but overall I am confident about the way I look!  And remember, confidence is the best thing you can wear. ;)
*Check out how I train and how I eat to stay bikini ready year round.*


  1. Amen sister!!!!!!!!!
    lOVE your attitude here!!!!!!!!!
    One of the many reasons you ate awesome!

  2. Girl you are smoking in that pic! Love reading, take care.

  3. Gorgeous picture, love your attitude too, it's how I feel myself.

  4. Great post sweetheart and I LOVE that you are CONFIDENT :) Way to go girl xoxo

    1. Thank you! There are definitely times when I don't feel confident....but I just gotta "fake it til I make it!"

  5. I love this post! You are so awesome and you look fabulous :D


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