Wedding In Paradise :)

Maybe I’m just not the typical girl, but I never had the dream of the big wedding in a church, with the fancy dress and all that stuff.
My dream was to find a man who would be my best friend, treat me right, make me laugh, uplift and support me,  and most importantly, love God with all his heart.
So when I found the man who had all of those things, the man that I had been praying for for so many years, all that mattered to me was spending the rest of my life with him--not finding the perfect dress, the right DJ, or the best tasting cake!
7 years ago today, I gave my heart to the man of my dreams....
 on a secluded beach...
 in my bikini...
with my bare feet in the sand....
the sun setting over the ocean behind us…
and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


  1. I can tell it was a perfect day! Happy Anniversary :)


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