Weekend Pics :)

I forgot to post this pic from Mother's day last weekend~
My little brother should've been in here, but he was in one of his moods!
We went out for pizza and then to Mom's and played some Catch Phrase-we love that game! :) Mom's doing good, just still having issues with one knee. She was basically told it may never get better, so she is a little upset about that. I'm still just glad she's alive and not a brain damaged or paralyzed!

So this weekend we finally had WARM weather-what I've been waiting for!! I spent most of my weekend right here, and it was lovely....

Saturday night we went to church and then down to the waterfront. It was such a pretty evening! I love this picture of the bridge as the sun was setting.
Sunday we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Cheddars! I had a really delicious meal-chicken and mushrooms over rice with green beans and mashed potatoes, and then we had some ice cream after that for dessert. :) I really crave ice cream when it starts getting warm out!
BEST ice cream right here!
And a couple more pics that are just too cute not to share:
Givin' Daddy some love!

He's so cute!


  1. I absolutely love the last picture!!!! Your dog is adorable!



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