It's NOT Punishment!

I have noticed that many people have this mindset about working out as "punishment" for eating bad or to burn off as many calories as possible to try and "undo" the damage after eating something they "shouldn't" have. This is so NOT the right mentality to have!
Don't ever think of going to the gym as punishment!

The gym is a place where you go to get stronger, to push your body physically because that is what God created it to do; it's a stress reliever, an outlet, a place to get away from the worries and cares of life; your “me” time.

It’s where you go to feel better, look better, and move better, so that you can enjoy life to the FULLEST and be confident in the skin you’re in.

With each workout in the gym you are creating a better future for yourself -a future that doesn't involve letting yourself go and growing weak, frail, fat and miserable.

Working out is NOT punishment.


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