"Permanent and lasting change takes time. The band-aid approach will rarely, if ever work.

This is why the mindset needs to change so it's less of what you do and more of who you are. The move from the mindset of a diet to the mindset of a lifestyle.

Yes, when you have a concrete goal you're trying to achieve, you have "fat-loss rules" you need to adhere to and some sacrifice is required. But the difference between the time of the year when you're actively pursuing a physique change and the time of the year when you're cruising, maintaining, living in a balanced manner and approaching nutrition with a LIFESTYLE in mind, should NOT be that different. Amounts of food might be different, you weigh vs you don't weigh maybe, you tighten up the off-plan meals, etc., but that "goal achievement" phase should just be the lifestyle you're already living tightened up.

THAT is what makes coming off a phase where you were pursuing fat loss ... sustainable and maintainable. You're simply not that far removed from how you NORMALLY eat anyway - lifestyle.

Slow and steady wins the race."

(Shared from Lean Bodies Consulting Facebook page)


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