Weekend Eats & Treats

So after about 10 days of perfect eating and a few days of carb depleting(note: a FEW days) for the photoshoot, I've been enjoying eating whatever I want and not tracking macros. I may go back to not tracking....but then again, I do kind of like seeing what I'm taking in and making sure I'm getting enough calories, so I may go back to it! We'll see.

Here were a few of my weekend meals:

Saturday's "treat" was shredded barbecue chicken thighs. This may now be my favorite treat meal! SO good.
Sunday we had salmon patties made with ground oats. This was always one of my favorite meals my mom would make us growing up! I took the picture before I slathered them in ketchup. :)
Monday, my husband and I grilled out a yummy Labor Day meal that consisted of steak, pork chops, corn on the cob and squash. Unfortunately, we got rained out, so we had to take it inside.
We also went to Krispy Kreme to try out their caramel chocolate donuts! I'd been waiting to try these for weeks! Delicious. I love donuts, and they will always be a part of my nutrition plan. ;)


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