October Training Plan

I change my finishers and also sets and reps based on how I'm feeling that day, not always what I have planned out, but here is my tentative plan for this month:

Monday Upper
1)Weighted pull-ups  5x3-5
2)BB push press 5x3
3a)DB chest press 4x6-8
3b)BB bentover row: 4x6-8
4a)Bis-EZ bar drag curls 3x12
4b)Tricep pushdowns 3x12
5)Pullaparts x50
*Finisher: Farmer’s walks,  OH carries, Battle ropes, or Double unders, or combination
Wednesday Lower
1)Glute ham raise 3x6-8/ squat jumps between sets
2)Front Squat 4x6
3)Hip thrust 3x6-8
4)Single leg reverse lunge 3x8-10
5a)Calf raise  4x10-12
5b)Hanging leg raise 4x8-10
6)Band clam raises 2x12-15
KB swings
 Friday Upper
1)Snatch 5x3
2)Bench press 5x5
3a)DB OH press 4 x 6-10
3b) 1 arm DB row: 4x 6 -10
4a)TRX face pull 3x12
4b)L-sit hold
Front lever practice
*Finisher: Pushup /pullup ladder 1-5 or Burpee pullups
Saturday Lower
1)Box jump 3x5
2)Oh squat 3x6-8
3)Deadlift –cluster  sets(x1)
4)Single leg glute bridge  3x10-12
5)Seated abductions 2x30
*Finisher: Prowler pushes, Swings, or OH walking lunges, Tire flips or combination
And... just because I freakin' love her, I'll leave you with this video! I want to be Erin Stern when I grow up!!  She is amazing-perfect balance of athleticism, strength and aesthetics!


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