Be Confident

This picture someone made of me has been floating around the internet, and I just came across it again yesterday on Facebook, along with some of these comments:

"Not on those legs she doesn't!!!"
"Her legs sure don't show proof of her squatting anything but an egg"
"Poor choice of a model. She's skin and bones."
"With those tiny legs?"
"Doesnt look like it... lol flat butt"
"the girl in the pic doesn't look like she squats look at that ass its flat"

Why, thank you so much, tell me something I didn't know! :-P Honestly, it really doesn't bother me at all. The funny thing is, in other pictures I've been told that I look like a man! Really? It's just amusing to me how people can sit behind a computer screen and make fun of someone they know nothing about.

They don't know anything about me or my story. They don't know how hard I've worked to build up my skinny legs...they don't know how strong I really am...they don't know that my legs are what I'm most insecure about. But people are so quick to criticize. You get criticized if you're too fat, you get criticized if you're too skinny, you get criticized if you're too muscular! I mean, you can't win.

I just don't get why people are so mean and negative! Why not encourage and lift each other up? I think anyone who ever comments negatively about someone else's body should post a picture of themselves and let everyone critique their body!

I have my insecurities, sure(my legs being one of them!), but for the most part, I love my body... chicken legs and all! I am proud of the physique I've created through years and years of hard work. I'm proud of every ounce of muscle that I have. I'm proud of my strong legs, and my wide back and round shoulders. And not only that, but my body can do some pretty amazing things!

It's SO important to have confidence and to love yourself just the way you are, not wish you had someone else's body or worry about what other people think of you. We all have different body types: fat, skinny, tall, short, wide hips, narrow hips, big butts, flatt butts, pear shaped, apple shaped. We can only do the best with what we've got! Some things we'll never be able to change, such as our bone structure or where our fat is distributed.

I have my wonderful mom to thank for my tiny joints, my scrawny legs and for passing down the "flat butt" gene(which thankfully I CAN somewhat change)! Something I've finally learned in my fitness journey is that I must choose to focus on the things that I love about myself, not dwell on my flaws. They will always be there, and trying to be "perfect" is just a road that leads to anxiety, insecurity, and unhappiness. I have learned to accept that I will NEVER have the perfect body, and it's honestly not my goal, nor should it be yours.


  1. I LOVE your attitude here!!!!!!
    I too have been criticized about almost every aspect of my physical appearance-from my chicken legs to my big front teeth!!!!
    you made a great point about if those who made the mean comments would post pictures of themselves for others to critique!!!
    keep your head up chica!!!!!
    you are beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks so much! It really doesn't phase me, just gotta brush it off! :)

  2. I've received my fair share of criticism, related to my body and other things. I think people seriously need to get a life. It's all to easy to criticise from behind a computer screen, but put your money where your mouth is and post your own picture to be equally criticised! A few years ago I was much more judgemental of people but I learnt that you can never tell someone's story by just looking at them, and you have NO idea how far they've come.

    You are beautiful inside and out and you inspire so many women, myself included! I think people who talk sh*t about you are just scared that a woman with a fitness model's body can outlift them! Thank God for lifting, as it builds up our confidence. I shudder to think how I would have dealt with these comments before I started lifting, back when I was super insecure.

    1. Thanks so much. Well said! It really doesn't phase me because I'm confident in myself and could care less what others think. :)


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