A Workout and A Weekend Treat

We had another snow day this week...
And then I woke up this morning to MORE snow! We haven't had such a cold, snowy winter in a LONG time. It's been too cold to even be outside, and I am getting stir crazy! The snow really is pretty and all, but I'm just OVER winter.  
So anyway, this week I started the "Uncaged" program that I did at the beginning of 2013. I decided to do it again because it's just nice not having to write out my own workouts, plus I want to increase my lifts, which it helped me to do last year. I am tweaking a few things, though, like adding in calf raises and hip thrusts and doing deadlifts on a separate day. So we'll see how it goes! I may decide to just use the sets/reps on the main lifts and do my own thing for the accessory lifts.

Yesterday's upper body assistance workout was super quick but effective. Remember, the goal of your training is not to completely kill yourself every workout, but to make yourself better. It doesn't always have to be so exhausting that you feel like you have to crawl out of the gym or puke! You should feel energized and invigorated afterwards....and maybe a tad bit shaky! ;)

1a)TRX feet elevated inverted rows: 5x6
1b)Handstand pushups: 5x5
2a)Feet elevated suspended pushups: 5x8-10
2b)Front lever hold: 4x10 seconds
3a)DB hammer curl: 3x10-12
3b)Ball pikes: 3x12
4)Lateral raises: 3x12
5)Band pulluparts: 2x20

“Stimulate, don’t annihilate” - Lee Haney
My sister and her boyfriend are coming over this weekend, so I made this yummy pudding graham cracker "pie" thing. It's so easy and has always been one of my husband's and my favorite treats! Just layer graham crackers on the bottom, make the pudding and pour over, then add another layer of graham crackers, and then pour more pudding on top. Then crush up some crackers and sprinkle on top! I used chocolate for the bottom layer and cheesecake for the top. It's better the next day when the crackers get a little soft. Yum! As you can see, it's not always healthy in the Cappotelli household! ;)
I haven't seen Celeste in a month, so I am SO excited to see her today! There will be pictures to come, so be ready for some cuteness. :) Well, I'm off to the gym now, if I can make it in the snow...today is deadlift day, can't miss it!
Have a great weekend everyone! 



    Have a good one :) And enjoy your sweet little niece! I am so ready for her cuteness!

    Your workouts sounds great!

    I am also sooooo over snow!!!! We got even more over night too and I those words literally left my mouth - "I am over this!" so it was funny to see you write that too :)

    Have a great weekend love

    1. Never! ;)
      Thanks! You have a great weekend also!


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