Fat Burning Foods....

Got your attention with that title, right? Well...it's not what you think.

Just some thoughts inspired my a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other day...She was asking me for advice about how to lose some weight, what to eat, etc, and she says, "I just got this weight loss protein."

Hmmmm....weight loss protein? Like, what is that? As far as I know, maybe I'm wrong, but ....protein is protein, right? Yes, it can be used for weight loss, but there is nothing special about it that will cause you to lose weight.
This conversation just got me thinking about all the misconceptions people have about food, one of them being that there are special "fat burning" foods. Well....guess what? There are no "weight loss foods"OR "muscle building foods", just foods that are higher in calories and foods that are lower in calories.  And the same food can be both great for weight loss AND muscle building. Crazy right? It's comes down to the quantities you eat of those foods in a day that determines whether you lose weight or gain weight.
I disagree.
In addition to that, there are no certain foods that will make you fat. ANY food eaten in excess, even healthy ones, can make you fat!

There are, however, foods that are easier to eat in excess than others. These are foods that are more calorically dense, meaning that they contain a high amount of calories in a small portion. Then there are foods that you can eat MORE of because they are less calorically dense, such as lean protein and non-starchy vegetables.  That's why when people are trying to lose weight, lean proteins and vegetables are usually the best options because they are low calories but also filling at the same time.

I also can't stand when I hear people( most of the time people who are "dieting"), say "I can't have that." With those 4 words, you are setting yourself up to fail. Because in reality you CAN have anything, even if you're "dieting". You can eat cookies, cupcakes, or others "off limit" foods and still lose fat, as long as you're within your calorie and macronutrient ranges for the day, as is the basis for the "if it fits your macros" style of eating.

Now, of course, before people start freaking out on me, yes, there are foods that ARE better for your health than others, and those should be the ones that you consume most of the time if optimal health and performance is your goal. Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains should make up the bulk of your diet. BUT- the bottom line is, eating one cupcake won't make you fat. Eating too many cupcakes, in addition to other high calorie foods throughout the course of a day or week? Well, that is most likely what will cause you to gain weight.

Finding balance is the key to sustaining a healthy nutrition plan that you can continue for the rest of your life. Having an extreme "all or none" mindset when it comes to nutrition will most likely set you up for unhealthy relationship with food. I have learned this the hard way! Living a healthy lifestyle is just as much about being healthy mentally as it is physically. Stressing over trying to eat perfect all the time, restricting yourself from certain food groups, and/or forcing yourself to eat foods you hate is NOT a healthy way to live.


  1. Hi Lindsay! I've been following your blog for a while and have just never commented. I just wanted to let you know how much I really love your blog. I also have a passion for fitness and Christ as you do and it's really awesome to have someone to look up to that has those things in common. I am fairly new to lifting and I'm working right now on establishing a healthy relationship with working out and food after coming out of a restrictive/disordered way of eating. Thank you for showing me that I can eat (and need to eat) a lot of healty food to build muscle and it won't necessarily "make me fat." I am still fighting the disordered way of thinking but I'm getting much better thanks to God and blogs like yours!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, I appreciate it! I am really glad to hear that you are getting better with your relationship with food. It can definitely be a slow process, but with God's help , I know you will be able to overcome it!

  2. Perfect blog!! Thank for such a nice blog and showing me that I can eat (and need to consume) a lot of healthy food to build muscle. Initially i was thinking about to consume weight loss supplements, but then i decided to have some organic food and this really helped me. Thanks for your tips and advice!!!


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