3 Rep Max Week & A Beautiful Weekend!

Last week was my 3 rep max week on my current training program. I was able to get 125 on push presses, which is a 5lb PR from what I got doing this same program last year. Then I got 130 on bench press, which is 10lbs more than last year!

 I can tell my upper body has definitely gotten stronger, but my lower body...ehhh, not so much.:( I got 190 for squats, and my last 3 rep max attempt was 195. This video was my first attempt at 185-I almost called it a day there, but right before moving on to my next exercise, I decided I just had to go for 190! And I somehow managed to get it, even though I'm not sure my depth was as low as at 185. Oh well, I'll take it!  I didn't test my 3 rep max for deadlifts, since I'm doing a different program for them. It's a 4 month program and you test your 1 rep max at the end. They have been feeling good, though, and the knots in my back have finally went away. I'm really looking forward to doing  them Wednesday!

So now I'm on the last month, which the 2 rep month, and then I'll test my one rep max on all the lifts in  the last week. When this program is over I'll take a deload, and then I plan on going back to more of a hypertrophy phase for a little while with slightly higher reps. I've even considered going back to doing one day of CrossFit...A crazy part of me misses it. But then I look at the workouts... and I quickly change my mind. So that may not be happening! 

So anyways, we had an awesome weekend with really warm weather and lots of sunshine! It was just what I needed after a long, cold winter cooped up inside. I can't tell you how much I LOVE warm weather!  
Where I spent most of my time!
So happy to have warm SUN on my skin! 

Handstands everywhere!

Our first dinner of the year out on the deck!

Asher is so happy to have warm weather, too. ;)


  1. I love all the pics of Asher <3 And you :) SO PRETTY my friend :) And I am so happy to hear your knots are gone. You'll do awesome with the deadlifts on Wednesday :) Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts about future training! I always love to hear what you're doing :)


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