Lift to GROW

"Don’t lift weights to burn calories, lose fat, or shrink. Lift weights to grow. Because focusing on building muscle will take care of all the “burning” you need. You’ll feel a lot better, and ironically, become leaner as a result."
-Dani Shugart


  1. I LOVE this quote! So true!! Do you count your macros? If so how did you work them out. I'm trying to find my sweet spot!

    1. I don't count them. I have tracked in the past and usually kept my carbs around 35%, fat at 30-40%, and protein around 30%. I've found that a moderate amount of all 3 macros works well for me physically but also goes along with the types of foods I like to eat. I can't go super low fat or low carb. it just takes some experimentation!


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