Friday FAVES!

 Ya'll know I loooove my protein powder. I just received a new shipment last week, and I'm excited to try the new flavors!
Ab wheel rollouts
I had not included these in my workouts for a while, and I forgot how effective they are. As hard as they can be, they are probably my favorite ab exercise. 

Treat meals!
 Last weekend I enjoyed this delicious treat from Culver's after our dinner. I finished every single bite, and it hit the spot. Probably one of my favorite desserts, second to donuts, of course! I'm so glad I can have treats like this in my life and know that it won't hold me back from reaching my goals. Actually, hasn't ice cream been scientifically proven to improve gym performance and muscle gains? Hehe. ;) 

New books to read
I picked up the second book in the Divergent trilogy, and I'm SO excited to read it.  

Flex Friday!
I love this cute crop tank I received from my sponsors, Crazy Ripped. Super cute and comfy!

Acoustic music
This song is one of my favorite worship songs, and their voices are just beautiful.

These articles:
(I only share really good ones, so make sure to check them out! )

Have a great weekend!!


  1. What a great song! I had never heard it before, but now can't stop listening to it.
    So pretty and what a great reminder!

    1. It is! We sing it at church, but Hillsong singing it is beautiful!


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