Weekend Recap & Treat Meals

We had such a beautiful weekend!

 It was a little warmer than it has been, which I LOVED! Saturday was my workout day, then we walked Asher, took down the pool(so sad!), went to church and then played a game of putt-putt afterwards.
Sunday my awesome husband made me some boards for my bench press workout Wednesday. I'm so excited to use them! I feel like a "real"  powerlifter now. ;)
Sunday was another beautiful day, so we went to a local park and found a really cool spot we've never been to! It was so pretty. 

Some of the meals I had over the weekend included a cheeseburger(lean, grassfed)and caramel apple(well, half) Friday, and then pizza and ice cream on Saturday. Still woke up on Sunday with some abs!

How? Well, the weekends are NOT a "free-for-all" for me, where I just eat anything I want. I pretty  much eat my normal meals and then just factor in a treat or two. I don't track my macros, but I somewhat know them in my head. So on burger night, for example, the caramel apple was just part of my dinner carb source. 

The pizza and ice cream was my "free" meal, or "treat" meal as I call it, which is my one meal where I don't think about portions or macros or anything. What I usually do that day is cut back just slightly on my meals that day. Nothing super restrictive, though. I definitely don't starve myself or anything crazy like that or do anything extra as far as exercise. And then usually I don't have my bedtime snack that day because I'm still full. So in the end, it all balances out!

I go right back to eating my normal meals Sunday, including this yummy dinner we had last night.
I LOVE chicken thighs! And look at all the veggies, aren't you proud? See, I don't just eat pizza and donuts. ;)  Sundays are usually slightly lower carb, but not LOW carb...because at this point, I would probably die if I tried to do less than 100 grams of carbs. 

Welp, that's all for now! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh Lindsay....abs after eating junk. Wish I could have that happen. I swear, junk goes straight to the gut and butt - but I am liking my abs when I stick to 'real' food! Too bad though, I will always love my 'junk'.

    By the way, love the nail color in your ab pic. Is that a new seasonal color or from last year? That looks like a denim color. Love it!

    Thanks for the updates! Glad to hear you are loving your new change-up! ~Jen

    1. It's only because I'm on track with all my other meals and keep the calories in check! Wish I could eat like that ALL the time. ;) Keeps me able to sustain this lifestyle knowing I can still eat food I love though(aka "junk"!).
      Thanks! I just bought it the other day. Have no clue what's in style these days, just like darker colors like that! Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. you look great girl! and we have beautiful weather here too this weekend! it's like summer! i'm in shorts and a tank! i love it!

    1. Thanks! Oh, isn't it great? I'm not looking forward to the cold weather coming!

  3. hey Lindsay! I just started reading your blog and love it! You are such an inspiration! I have a similiar story to yours in terms of trying to find my "freedom" when it comes to food and not stressing about exercising...I have finally gotten to a point where I am at peace with it, and recently just fell in love with lifting! I was curious as to what you consider low carb, high carb, and med carb days? Just roughly, I have a similiar build to you and want to lean out just a touch! Thank and keep posting, you really are inspiring myself and others to make a change and love life for what it's meant to be!

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate that!
      Ah, so glad to hear you are getting into lifting! It's awesome! :) For ME, low carb would be about 100g(about half what I normally take in), high carb would be around 220, medium is around 150. I try to get in 150-200 grams on most days, but as I said, I only somewhat track it in my head. Thanks again! :)


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