Meals I'm Loving Lately

Time for another edition of "Meals I'm loving lately"!

Chili made with lean ground beef, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, chili beans, and chili powder. Yes, it's all out of a can, but I don't freakin' care because it's good. I could eat this every single day! 

Double cheese burger! (Just had to include a burger pic!) Lean grassfed beef, with cheese and tons of ketchup, of course! Usually will  have broccoli or green beans on the side.
Chicken sausage "pizza" rice. I got this idea from someone on Instagram and thought I'd try it out! It was good! Pasta sauce, brown rice, mushrooms and chicken sausage from Trader Joe's. Definitely a nice change!

Marinated pork chops-this would be a typical Sunday dinner for us. I marinate the pork chops in McCormick's steak and chop seasoning-it's so good! With green beans and corn on the side.
Breakfast for lunch, as always! Apple butter sprouted grain toast(from Trader Joe's), 2 fried eggs and Bob Evan's turkey sausage. This is normally a rest day lunch.
Quinoa pasta with ground turkey. I don't really crave pasta often, but this was a nice change from my turkey and rice meal. I used about a half cup of quinoa pasta, about 1/4 cup pasta sauce, 93/97%  mixed ground turkey, mushrooms, and Italian seasonings. It was sooooo good!

The "lazy person's" dinner! Take some canned or shredded chicken, throw in some salsa and cheese on a tortilla, and microwave for a minute or so! I don't like cooking, so this is a perfect meal for me. I also really love it with taco seasoned ground turkey, with or without the cheese.

Barbecue pulled chicken! No, this isn't a "healthy" meal, but for a weekend treat meal when we don't go out, this is a favorite! I just throw some chicken thighs in the crockpot and let them cook, then add in some barbecue sauce(Sweet Baby Ray's!) and then shred up the chicken. Usually we'll have tater tots or fries on the side. Along with my weekly diet root beer! 

What meal are you loving lately?


  1. your meals all look SO good Lindsay!! Definitely getting some food inspiration from these :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Loving all these tasty combos Lindsay!
    If someone is looking to lose some bodyfat but doesn't want to go counting calories or macros, what's your advice? I seem to eat too little that I'm starving when I try?!

    1. I would say to watch your portions. So for carbs, measure out a 1/2 cup or think the size of your fist. For protein, about the size of your palm, and fats about a thumb's length. Make every meal have a protein source(about 20-30 grams) and then a carb source and small amount of fat at some meals. The meals that are lower in carbs, add in veggies. What helps me is that I don't snack, but have a full meal or mini meal every 3 to 4 hours, most of them including a protein, carb, and fat. But I do measure out my carb and protein sources and go for about 3-4 oz of protein and a cup of rice, potatoes, or a serving of fruit, etc. It's hard having no idea how many calories you're consuming and how to add or adjust without at least tracking for a little while.

    2. Ahh those portion size ideas sound so handy - thank you! I do find if I snack (say nuts and fruit) I want more than if I'd had a good mix of protein/fat/carb in more of a meal size, so it's good to hear I'm not the only one! I do know I'm eating between 2400-2500 calories now, but I want to be able to drop some fat and maintain it (like yourself) without macro counting. Macro/calorie counting just makes me crazy!!!

    3. I hear you. I don't really like it either, but it was helpful just to see where I was at for awhile. Would not be able to go back to that though without being obsessive! As far as dropping fat, just find a way to cut back on a few hundred calories each day. Maybe find a meal you could cut back on, slightly decrease fats, or just slightly decrease carbs while increasing veggie intake.


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