Snow Day Workout!

I decided to take a deload this week, or at least the first half of the week. I've been having some on and off knee pain and my back has been pretty tight lately, so I figured it was time. Plus, we ended up getting a good amount of snow yesterday, so it worked out perfectly since I was snowed in!

So for me a deload is a week of doing totally different workouts, not just dropping the weights on my lifts. I find that taking some time off from the big lifts, or even the gym completely, is what I like to do. Plus, it just gets me that much more excited to get back into the gym the next week! I'm going to do full body workouts for the first 2 workout days and then back to the gym on Friday and Saturday with normal workouts. Then next week I'll start a new workout plan.

*I will NOT cut back on my eating, as my muscles still need the calories!*

We got the most snow yesterday that we've gotten in years! Of course, the entire state of Kentucky shut down completely. My husband had absolutely zero interest in going out to "play" in the snow with me, so Asher and me went out by ourselves! I guess when you grow up in New York you don't get quite as excited about snow as us Kentucky folks do.

Here was the workout I did at home, using just a kettlebell and a band:

1a)Goblet squat 3x10 w/35lbs
1b)Pushups 3x10(single leg)

2a)Pullaparts 3x12 
(do prone Y raises if you have no band)
2b)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge 3x12

3a)Band kneeling hip thrust 3x15
3b)Side plank

4)Side lying clam raises: 2x10
5)Bicep curls 2x12

Since it's a deload, this workout wasn't anything intense. If you did want to make it harder, you could do single leg or bulgarian split squats with weight instead of goblet squats, feet elevated pushups, and then add a 5 minute bodyweight "finisher" at the end, such as mountain climbers and lunge jumps. But this did the trick just to get me moving.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Who's ready for SUMMER????


  1. Sounds like a 'relaxing' week! Looks like a lot of snow went through your region. Thankfully, it hasn't been too snowy in WI, but it has been below normal temps for awhile. Today it is 5 degrees and overnight it was -10. This whole week is supposed to be like that. I keep telling myself one of these days I'll move to a warmer area, but I don't. If it would actually be "average temps" it would be okay, but it seems like February always ends up more like the start of January and I'm soooo tired of being cold!!

    On the positive side of things though....almost time to do the daylight savings thing that! Last year we had snow in May - but at least it was light outside in the evening!!!

    Enjoy your snow....I won't be jealous - I promise. LOL!


    1. Wow that is cold! It's supposed to be in the negatives here-the coldest they said in 20 years! I definitely can't wait for daylight savings time and hopefully warmer weather soooon!!


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