Workouts of the Week

Bench felt good this week. Added an extra set with 105 for 6. Was able to 2 get sets of 8 this week with 35s for overhead dumbbell presses. Gonna go for the 40s next week! Had to switch up the rest of my workout a little just because I couldn't get to the pullup bars. So I just did cable rows between overhead presses and did my pullups last, unweighted.

1a)Bench press: 105x3x6/100x8
1b)Wide grip pullups on fat bar:3x5
2a)DB overhead press(seated) : 35x8/35x8/30x8/25x10(last set standing)
2b)Seated cable row: 12/10/10
3a)Neutral grip pullups: 3x8
3b)Lsit hold: 3x15 seconds
4)Farmer's walks: (w/kettlebells) 70 x 4 x 40 seconds
4a)Standing calf raise machine: 4x15-20
4b)Pullaparts: 4x20

Squats felt great again. I worked up to 2 sets with 175, and got 6 on my second set for a new rep PR! Then I just did a couple back down sets, and was able to get 8 reps with 160. After that was good mornings and hip thrusts. Then I did the 2 minute amrap on leg press again...and it was even harder than last week! I BARELY managed to get an extra rep, but my legs were shaking afterwards. That was horrible. Finished up with back extensions, abductions, and abs.

1)Squat jumps: 3x6
2)Squats: 135x5/155x5/175x5/175x6/160x8/155x8
3)Good mornings: 75x10/95x10/105x8
4)Hip thrusts: 135x10/155x10/175x10/175x10/155x12
5)Leg press: 180lbs x 2 minutes: 41
6a)Back extensions: 25x3x13
6b)Band abductions: 3x20
7)Hanging leg raises: 10/8/8/ Reverse crunch: 1x12

Went up a tad on snatches this week, but I really just use this movement as a warmup for my shoulders and CNS, so I don't really try to go super heavy. Then I did some regular barbell overhead presses, working up to a heavy set of 5 and then a couple of back off sets. I was able to get 2 sets of 6 with the 50s on chest press, hoping I can increase that to 8 soon! Everything else was just isolation/"pump stuff"! Fun times.
1)Barbell hang power snatch: 80x3x3
2)Barbell overhead press: 75x5/80x5/70x6/65x8
3a)Wide grip pullups: thick bar 10x2x6/ thin bar 10x6/0x10
3b)DB chest press: 45x8/50x6/50x6/45x8
4a)Face pulls: 3x15
4b)Lateral raises: 3x12
5a)DB curls: 3x12-15
5b)L-sit holds: 3x15 seconds

I worked up to a heavy set of 6 on front squats this week and was able to get 5 more pounds than last week on the last set. Feeling pretty strong on front squats.For deadlifts I also went a little heavier than last week with 195(a little over 85% of my max). Then it was just glute ham raises, single leg hip thrusts, and heavy sled drags.

1)Front squats: 105x6/115x6/125x6/130x6
2)Deadlifts: 175x5/195x5/185x5
3)GHR: 15lbs x4x8
4)Single leg hip thrusts: 4x10-12
5)Sled drag : 270/320/370/390 x 4? x 20 seconds
6a)Ab wheel: x10/10/8(from toes to wall) +12 on knees
6b)Lateral band walks: 3x12


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