Bikini Body Plan

For my upcoming beach trip, I decided to stop lifting heavy and train with light weights and high reps just to tone up a little more. I also added in a few extra days of cardio.

Juuuust kidding.

The truth is, I haven't changed my training in any way. I'm still lifting heavy on the main lifts(squats, bench, deadlift) in the lower rep range.

As for cardio, I walk a couple of times a week, I have one day of farmer's walks and one day of prowler pushes or sled drags after lifting. That's what I've been doing for years now-it works for me, and I enjoy it. I didn't do any "extra" ab work besides the 2-3 exercises I do each week at the end of my workouts.

The point is, lift heavy. Even if you are trying to lose fat, tone up, whatever-lift heavy. The concept that  you should use high reps and low weight to lose fat is nonsense. Lifting heavy burns a ton of calories and helps you build muscle, over time resulting in lower body fat and a tighter physique(in conjuction with a good nutrition plan, of course). Lifting heavy weights has been the best thing for getting a "bikini body" for me.

As for nutrition, I haven't changed anything. The only thing is that I won't have my treat meal over this weekend, because I know I'll be having plenty while on, every day. ;)

I decided that I didn't want to make any changes in my diet or training to try to get my abs to show more, as I would have wanted to in the past.  Not that those thoughts didn't cross my mind, but at least now I can realize how ridiculous they are.

So I didn't track macros, and I didn't cut back on carbs. I'm actually leaner than I've been in years now that I stopped worrying about losing fat and added MORE carbs to my diet. And the thing is, although I don't have a 6 pack or the "perfect" bikini body, I don't want to be any leaner or worry about having abs all the time. I just want to be confident in my body at my year round, happy, healthy, balanced look. This acceptance thing is still a work in progress...but I'm getting there.
Gotta love the Target dressing room selfies ;)
There is nothing wrong with striving to look better in a bikini if that's your current goal, but there's also nothing wrong with being confident in your body as it is at this very moment, imperfections and all! Being healthy and confident is so much more important than having the "perfect" body and always being dissatisfied with yourself. So rock that bikini, no matter what stage in your fitness journey you're at.


  1. you look beautiful and happy! enjoy your vacation :)

  2. I love this post Lindsay - I was kind of relieved when you said you were kidding about the light weights and cardio! It's definitely the conclusion I've come to more recently - working out that my goal has shifted just as my body image has shifted. I'm not going for 'small' anymore - not big either - but just to feel healthy, confident in my skin and enjoy the process.

    1. Yes! You can't go wrong with that goal!

  3. Have FUN Lindsay!!! Loved the post - but you left grapefruit every morning and night and only drink water after your cardio! ;-P

    As for abs showing: What is the current stat out there about people being overweight (something like 60 percent?), so showing abs really isn't something that most people are concerned about (obviously). If that were the case, there would not be an obesity issue in this nation.

    Point will walk the beach with a killer bod. Enjoy the trip!!!


    1. Darn it, how could I forget that? I'm going to do that starting today! Haha. Thank you! I'm excited!!


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