Friday Faves

 Pool days
Everyone's talking about being excited about Fall, and I'm just over here thoroughly enjoying the last few weeks of Summer. It's been so nice the past few days. I don't want Summer to end!!

Post Workout Ice Cream
I enjoyed this beauty after leg day Wednesday. I mean, that is just perfection! I think Burger King has my favorite cone. It's one of my fave post workout treats in the Summer!

Front Squats & PRs
I got a PR this week! PRs come very rarely these days, so I'm happyyyy. :) I think my previous one rep max was 155. Then I saw this video of me doing front squats with 140 for only 2 reps, so I guess that's progress, even though it was beltless. Now I really wanna get past the 225 mark on back squats! Bench press also felt awesome today, too!  :)

This quote:

This Song
Such a pretty voice and pretty song! I'm loving it right now.


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