Workouts of The Week

I had a busy day Monday, so I only had about 40-ish minutes to train. I decided to do a quick upper body superset of push presses and pullups until I got to 45-50 reps of each. I did as many reps as I could fast and smooth before moving on to the next exercise. I stopped when the reps began to slow down and did NOT go to failure. It took me about 20 minutes to complete. I tried to keep the rest to around 30 seconds, but I'm sure there were a few times I went longer than that. ;) Since I had more time after that, I did some swings and glute stuff and then abs to finish. It was fun to switch things up a bit!

Push press(95lbs)-8/6/6/5/5/5/5/5 =45
Pullups(wide grip)-7/7/7/76/5/narrow grip:6/6/6+1=50
Band walks 2x12/Seated abductions: 2x20
KB swings: 50x15
Pullaparts: x20
4 rounds

Reverse crunches w/8lb weight: x15/12/12/10

I decided to try doing deadlifts before front squats today...yeah, bad idea. Front squats don't fatigue me for deadlifts, but deadlifts definitely DO fatigue my back too much for front squats. Which is why I've been doing front squat first anyway. I just didn't realize how much weaker front squats would feel after deadlifts! Deadlifts didn't feel crazy heavy, but it was only singles today. I feel like my back was rounding too much, and I'm so paranoid about rounding my back on deadlifts, so I have to work on that as the weights get heavier. Everything else went well, and then I did a good little glute finisher of back extensions and split squat jumps, which was a good one!

1)Depth jumps 3x5
2)Deadlifts: 4x1 @90% (225)
3)Front squats; 135x2x5/120x2x6(beltless)
4)Glute ham raise: 0x8/10x3x8
5a)Calf raise: 4x10
5b) Ab wheel rollouts: Toes-2x10/knees 1x16
Back extensions x12 w/25lbs
Single leg split squat jumps x10
x4 rounds

Bench felt weak this week, which I had a feeling it would since I've just been feeling "blah" lately. It's that time of the month, so I'm sure that's why. I worked up to 120 for 3, wasn't feeling it, so I just decided to do some decline bench press instead. Everything else was good though! Finished up with a bunch of different carry variations I've never done before, just to try them out.

1)Bench press: 115x4/120x3/ Decline:110x6/105x2x8
2a)Cable wide grip row: 3x10
2b)1 arm press: 35x8/35x8/30x10
3a)Face pull using 2 handles: 3x12
3b)Lateral raise: 17.5x3x10
4a)DB seated incline curl: 2x12
4b)Lsit 4x20 seconds
5)Seated "clean": 14/12
Carry variations-KB racked carries, bottoms up carries, overhead and suitcase carry

I really kind of enjoyed this workout! Started with hip thrusts for sets of 10, and felt strong on them. Moved on to pause squats after that. Squats after hip thrusts feel really good, and I don't have to do a bunch of warm up sets, which I love. For Bulgarian split squats this week I took note of a recommendation on Jason Ferruggia's Facebook page about the quads responding to constant tension. So I went waaaay lighter, held the weight goblet squat style, and went really slow without locking out at the top. I only did sets of 10, but I felt the burn so good in my quads and glutes! Next I did sled drags and pushes and then realized I forgot reverse hypers, so I just did those afterwards.

1)Hip thrusts: 135x10/185x10/215x10/235x2x10
2)Pause squats: 135x8/145x8/150x2x8
3a)Bulgarian split squats: 30(one dumbbell)x4x10
3b)Seated leg curls: 3x14
4a)Sled drag one way, sled  push back:  170lbs x 10-15 seconds x5
4b)Lateral mini band walks: 4x12
5)Reverse hypers; 100x2x12/120x2x12
6)Seated calf raise: rest pause set to 50 reps(20 second rests)

I'm feeling it's time for a deload next week. I don't really plan my deloads, like some people will do them everything 4th or 6th week or whatever, but I tend to just know when it's time. Like this week I haven't really been in the mood to go to the gym, my back is a little tight, and I wasn't feeling very strong on anything this week. So I'll take a week off from lifting heavy, write up my next phase of workouts, and then kind of "start over" the following week. What I kind of like to do each time I do a new workout phase is to ramp up each week until I feel like I'm not progressing any longer, take a deload, and then start over again. How often do you take deloads?


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